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Welcome to Huila. This coffee brings you back to that classic flavor we all grew up with. Yet, it gives you more with tasting notes of cherry, green apple and milk chocolate. It does great as a regular full bodied cup of coffee or espresso.
Huila is quite possibly our most popular coffees. Yes it's single origin... YES it's a blend. This coffee was a challenge when we were developing our profile. It piqued our interest in just about every stage of development. Rather than settle on one way to roast it, we decided on two vastly different roasts and we blend them together to bring you our take on Huila Garzon.

Guatemala Cubulco - Community Lot

Looking for something smooth or maybe sweet. This fantastic single origin coffee from Guatemala is the right choice for you.

Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, Honey, Brown Sugar, Red Apple, Raisin      
Body: Heavy      
Acidity: Mild      
Process: Washed

Ethiopia - Sidamo

The long awaited Ethiopian. This coffee traveled around the planet and landed here in Portland and we couldn't wait to get our grubby (recently washed) hands on it. Bri worked exclusively on developing this coffee from the moment it arrived. We think she did fantastic! Get it while it lasts, when it's gone, it might be another year before it shows back up!

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Tea Rose, Orange Blossom, Green Tea      
Body: Medium     
Acidity: Mild      
Process: Washed

Honduras Pacavita - SWP DECAF

Yes, we have decaf. Yes it's good. Yes it's Swiss Water Processed (SWP) Yes it's single origin. No it does not taste funny.
Weather you're backing off the caffeine or just taking it easy on cold nights. This coffee will not leave you wishing it were your morning cup.

Flavor: Green Apple, Milk Chocolate, Stone Fruit      
Body: Juicy      
Acidity: Bright      
Process: Washed and Swiss Water

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